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Visit our store for items including t shirts, stuffed animals, maple syrup, wool roving, yarn and meat products. Our animals are raised naturally and are antibiotic and hormone free. Managed grazing is healthy for the animals and provides nutritious antioxidants.

All proceeds benefit the ministry of Harvest Home Farm.

Grass Fed Ground Beef
  • $6.00/lb
  • 1 lb packages 
  • Available at the farm

Lamb Brats
  • $12.00 per pack (6 brats/pack)
  • Packer Backer
  • Available at the farm

Pastured Chicken
  • $3.50/lb
  • Whole chickens range from 5-7 lbs
  • Available at the farm

Pure Maple Syrup
  • $10.00 pint
  • $18.00 quart
  • Currently out of stock


All We Like Sheep - Currently out of stock

Larry Guthrie & Robert Newhouse

A family table top book containing twenty lessons every parent needs to teach their children. Filled with vibrant photos, character definitions, stories from the farm, and in-depth biblical applications, "All We Like Sheep" will benefit any family devotional time.

  • $25.00
  • Available at the farm

All We Like Sheep Cover Web

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