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When God led Becky and me...

When God led Becky and me to Forest Springs in 1995, He provided a home on a 40 acre hobby farm. Over time we made our own hay, raised chickens, beef, pigs, goats, and gardened while serving full time in the dynamic ministry of Christian camping. The concept of Harvest Home Farm first came in August of 2000 while I was out on my tractor raking hay. I had the whole afternoon alone with the Lord. Somewhere along the rows, God planted a seed for a new ministry in my heart—encouraging families in the environment of a family farm.

In our culture, families are struggling. Relationships are set aside to maintain schedules. Even God is crowded out of our busy lifestyle. We prefer entertainment over investment. There is a need to reconnect with our Creator and each other.

As I have experienced with my own family, a farm setting offers a unique opportunity to step out of our fast paced culture, enjoy the fellowship of working side by side together and discover the character of God as stewards of His creation.

Since then, God has continued to impress on me that Harvest Home Farm can be used powerfully to bring families together, encourage them through His Word, reveal Himself as Creator, allow them to rest, experience love and hospitality.


About Us - Harvest Home Farm