Desired Outcomes of Ministry

It is our hope that our guests...


Experience Hospitality and Christian Love.

It is our hope that all who come to Harvest Home Farm will not only feel welcome, but also truly “at home.” We hope that people will experience the rich fellowship of sincere love as they see faith lived out in the everyday lives of our staff.

Encounter the Savior.

Our objective is to share the Gospel message of God’s saving grace, the forgiveness of sin, and newness of life that is by faith in Jesus Christ so that everyone has the opportunity to experience spiritual regeneration and begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Be Challenged and Encouraged by the Word of God.

It is our desire to edify the body of Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Learn More About Creation and How it Reflects the Creator.

Our objective is to teach and provide hands on interaction with nature, emphasizing how God has revealed His character in what He has made.

Connect…. a FAMILY.

It is our desire that families who attend will leave with stronger relationships as a result of their unique, shared experience throughout their stay, building memories, cooperating in common goals and spending quality time together.

...with FARMING.

Many people purchase their produce, meat and dairy products at the local grocery store and seldom give a thought as to where these products come from or how they are produced.  

Our society also craves convenience.  Our culture values things that are quick and easy.  This has led to a degree of unfamiliarity with physical work.  It is our intention to provide “hands on” involvement so that our guests leave with a better knowledge and appreciation of farming and the satisfaction and rewards of physical work.

...with COMMUNITY.

Being a part of a community is essential to farming. A farm in itself cannot be totally independent and self-sufficient.  There is a need to be involved in a community.  As a society, we are disconnected.  We are so busy that we don’t have time and lose the ability to invest in our community – to know and serve our neighbor.  It is our desire to model interdependent community involvement to those who attend.

Be Refreshed.

We desire that when guests leave Harvest Home Farm they will be physically, spiritually and emotionally recharged - literally that they will have found rest for their souls.  It is our desire that God would refresh individuals and families by lifting the burdens of their everyday lives through the peaceful environment of the farm.

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